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Back to School (OT 101)

Back to School (OT 101)

Jul 10, 2014

by Dr. Nora Redulla

June 18 was an exciting day for me and many others. Why? It was the scheduled orientation for OT 101 (Old Testament 101 – the study of the Pentateuch) under the auspices of the International Bible Institute of London-Cebu Extension (IBI). Of the 106 students who enrolled, 76 are newcomers to IBI, and 70 of them attended the orientation.

The session at the Hall of David started promptly at 7:00 pm with praise, worship, and prayer. Sister Marie Caparros ably presented an overview of the course after a few icebreaker games. I usually dislike playing games, but the Bible-based games were fun and enjoyed by all.

The course encompasses the 5 books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. As a long-time teacher in medical school, I was heartened to learn that, in the IBI courses, students learn by reading, listening, and discussing, and will summarize their learning by answering questions on key points. This is the essence of adult learning, where the student is an active participant rather than a passive recipient.

The IBI program grants a diploma in Biblical Studies when a student completes the 19 courses. The first IBI class (OT 101) started in January 2008, and the first graduates – 68 of them – received their diplomas on November 13, 2013. Contrary to what I thought at first, it is not necessary to start with OT 101 and to proceed through a prescribed sequence of courses. As long as a course does not have a prerequisite class, a student may enroll whenever a course is offered that fits his schedule. The length of a course ranges from 1 month to 3 ½ months. The courses are also offered in Cebuano.

Sister Marie pointed out what are required of those who study the Bible. First, one must have the right attitude: to want to know God. Second, one must have discipline and make it a priority, setting aside the time and attention the study requires. Third, one must have commitment in order to understand the Bible as a whole, undistracted and undeterred, until the studies are completed.

The orientation ended with prayer, and everyone left with hearts full of excitement and eagerness for the coming weeks. In the end, our goal is to know God more, to love Him more, to serve Him more, and glorify him more.

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