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Batch 2 Graduation Speech: Pastor Jeffner Sapitula

A blessed day to all of you! I’m so glad and thankful to God for giving me this privilege of sharing to you my experiences during my study at IBI.

I have learned a lot from IBI! From O.T 101 to Sermon Preparation, I encountered a lot of challenges with some difficult issues on the Christian faith which are new to me, especially with the study of the Church History and Great Doctrines but in spite of it, God has given me a spark in my heart to persevere on finishing the course. Yes, though some of the things we studied were not new to me, but still it refreshes me and even more enriches my understanding of it. My favorite among all the subjects was the study of the Life of Jesus Christ because the greatest thing that I desire in this life is to know Christ more. Another favorite of mine was on Personal Evangelism because just as our Lord came to seek and to save the lost, we are also commanded to share the gospel to the people who have not known Christ in their lives yet, and that’s what all Christian is capable to do, for the furtherance of the Kingdom and for the glory of His Name.

As a pastor, IBI helped me make my task more enjoyable and easier since I gained a much deeper understanding of God’s word. But the most important thing of all is that, what I’ve learned has led me to a much deeper devotion to my God and to my Lord Jesus Christ. Likewise, my study leads me to have a much higher view of God, of His holiness, and splendor.

In totality, what I’ve gained here in IBI is not only academic knowledge but a “heart knowledge” that desires to live a life more pleasing in the sight of my Lord who gave His life for me on the cross.

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