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“A Blessed Opportunity” by Pastor DJ Barrios

“A Blessed Opportunity”
Pastor Dj Barrios
LWCCCII-Main Youth Pastor

After graduating from a formal education on Biblical studies, it has been my desire to continue my study and further deepen my understanding of God’s Word. Last June, the LORD gave me an opportunity to enroll in IBI and I took up the OT-101 class under Pastor Mel Caparros as our instructor. It was truly exciting and one great journey to go through the Pentateuch (1st five books of the Old Testament). A lot of things are to be said about my experience with this course but let me point out just some that I learned which were not pointed out to me when I had my formal training in theology.

IBI courses have unique features and it does not just give you head knowledge but also touches your heart and provides practical application for your life. It was not just a typical class where you listen, jot down notes, and go home—it was more than that. I felt ministered to and always went home blessed.

Through this class I was enlightened that the Bible will never be a boring book especially as we read through the Old Testament and particularly Leviticus because it all typifies the Lord Jesus Christ (you can even fall in love with this book) and how it was not a collection of books which were in isolation from each other but rather gives one theme. We were taught how people, events, and pieces we find were symbols of the work of Christ on the cross. It was truly exciting to see how it was all connected to the ministry of our Lord and to understand that the Bible exalts One Name and that is the name of Christ. Because of this, I was always looking forward to each class and excited to see how each lesson points to the ministry of Jesus Christ as we were tracing each book. It was truly humbling to know how each person in the Old Testament was used by God to fulfill His redemptive plan to mankind in-spite of their flaws and weaknesses. What a great comfort to know that Jesus was the perfect type and how He alone could fulfill what we could not do for ourselves because we fall short.

Each book we tackled in the class was filled with powerful lessons to live by and that are hard to miss. We got to follow lessons that serve as an example today that could inspire and forewarn us ahead of committing the same mistakes and tragedy. Our lessons were both theological and practical. And we got to see how His grace was already in operation even in the old covenant. We were also greatly reminded of God’s unwavering faithfulness to each generation and how He remembers and fulfills His promises to His people. Since He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow, the same truth applies to us still.

This course had greatly reinforced my appreciation of His Word, enlarges my worship and love for Him, and led me to a deeper reverence as I approach God in worship. I believe we had the best education for we were studying not just an ordinary book but God’s revelation to us.

Not to be missed was the blessing to have classmates who were older than me, parents of the youth who were hungry to know more from His Word. They were an inspiration to the younger ones. Also, with me in this course, were some of my core leaders from the youth ministry, thus it was truly a great privilege to be in the class and if I were given another opportunity to go through OT-101 again, I will gladly do so. I could never exhaust the riches of it.

To you reader, if you haven’t tried IBI yet, the opportunity to dig the treasure of His Word is already on your doorstep, grab the opportunity and be ready to be blessed!

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