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D.E.E.P. Duty.Encouraging.Equipping.Privilege

by Gabriel Bernedo

As I have started to write this article, I am also about to finish the last lesson of the IBI course subject “Know the Joy of Personal Evangelism.” If there is one thing in my heart that gets me going, it is to proclaim the Gospel of salvation as God in His grace and mercy reminds me of how I got saved and what it is to serve Him, praying constantly that His will by His Word through His Spirit open the way to others so as not to be ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. His righteousness revealed that is from first to last. What a joy it is to pray and proclaim with the Gospel as God is truly faithful in carrying to completion until the day of Christ.

The significance of this course caused me to be more eager to learn in answering the difficult questions I would encounter in sharing the Gospel, memorizing Scriptures, and preparing our written testimonies with our project partner.

Personal evangelism is of utmost importance as God has called us to evangelize. Nobody can say “excuse me.” God is telling us, you’re my child and you are not exempted. I have brought you out of darkness into the light so that people will see what I have done in your life that is if you are genuinely born again. Thereby having the light of life – Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is exciting for me from beginnING till the endING. The last three letters “ING” are meant to say, “I Need God”, “I Need Grace”, “I Need the Gospel.” That is why we need to be following Jesus, the Master Evangelist. The message is about Him. The goal is for His glory. The reasons for telling the Good News are for a desire to be obedient, a love for the lost and our love for God. We are instructed by God’s love, we are moved by the needs of the lost, we are compelled by Christ’s sacrifice and we feel the benefit of turning away from our sins and trusting in Christ alone. As we experience the Gospel, we find ourselves loving others more and we want to share this Good News to them.

Personal evangelism is a duty, encouraging, equipping, privilege given by God so that ultimately our motive must be to see God glorified. Evangelism is a devotion and discipline as well.

In my business background, I was learning the trade of a salesman but what gives me the best enthusiasm now is I’m enjoying in ways trained as a soul-winner for the Gospel. This Gospel is all powerful and God is committed all the way to using this Good news through our spreading of it to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation on earth.

Let’s ask ourselves this crucial question: Do you want to experience joy in committing yourself of this great privilege in sharing the Good News of Christ to the lost and dying world around us? Pray that God will use you as a faithful messenger. This truth is for all people of all classes, colors, and cultures. People are lost until they hear the Gospel, believe it, and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. God expects each one of us to reach out individually knowing that Jesus has come to seek and save the lost.

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