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Dawning of the Church

Dawning of the Church

Oct 23, 2013

RomansDawning of the Church. The Gospels reveal Jesus’ life and purpose; but with Jesus’ ascension, the focus of scripture turns to Jesus’ followers and to the beginnings of His church. This small band of faithful Christ followers spread and multiplied to impact much of the Roman world.  By 60 A.D., the church was dawning brightly over the Roman Empire, and Jesus’ plan for world evangelism was well underway. How could so few impact so many?  How could Christ’s followers, opposed by the might and resources of Rome, so affect the known world that their beliefs and teachings survived long after Rome fell?  We will find the answers to these and other questions as we explore the biblical account of the “Dawning of the Church.”

The emphasis of this course will be to highlight the people and events that shaped the formation of the early Church in the first century.  The book of Acts describes the continuation of Jesus’ ministry through the Holy Spirit’s work in men and women of faith. As we understand how these men and women worked under the leading and anointing of the Holy Spirit we will discover timeless lessons for how we are to live and minister today. In our study of the book of Acts and the letters to the Roman and Corinthian churches, we see vivid pictures of how the church emerged and functioned.

In the book of Acts, we will learn how the lives of people, nations, and world events shaped and formed the church – God’s chosen means of sharing Christ’s message of love and hope to the world.  The lives and travels of the Apostles will come alive to us as we read and discuss how they overcame the challenges of establishing the newborn church.  From our study of the book of Romans, we will discover how to apply the essential theology that undergirds our faith and lives as believers.  In I & II Corinthians, we discover how believers lived out their lives together in the community of faith.  These timeless principles of church organization, leadership and ministry provided the strength and vitality that propelled the early Church it into all the world.

Learning how these principles worked then will not only strengthen, equip and inspire us, but should also challenge our current understanding and approaches to church life.

Dawning of the Church

Lectures 1, 2 ‑“Acts”
Michael S. Letinsky, Ph.D., Charles W. Anderson, D.D.

Lectures 3, 4 ‑“ Romans”
Howard W. Ferrin, LL.D.

Lectures 5, 6 ‑“I Corinthians”
John F. Walvoord, Th.D.

Lectures 7, 8 ‑“II Corinthians”
L. E. Maxwell