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Epistles – Section 2

Epistles – Section 2. Galatians is the declaration of the glorious freedom that Jesus has won for all believers. It defends the truth of justification by faith alone, which imparts to us incredible freedom in Jesus. Ephesians unfolds God’s wonderful workmanship in fashioning a new and spiritual organism designated as the body of Christ. It stresses true church unity.

The purpose of Philippians is to give thanks to the believers in Philippi for a gift that they sent to Paul and to correct friction that existed there. Paul gives words concerning Christ as the believer’s life, pattern, object, and strength. Colossians discloses the fact that Jesus Christ is the head of the body which is the church and emphasizes that it is in Him that all fullness of the Godhead dwells.

1 and 2 Thessalonians contain a rich presentation of the truth of God designed for young believers. Paul writes about thanksgiving to God, the secret of effective service, the believers sanctification, and the coming of the Lord. Some believed they were already in the tribulations of the day of the Lord. Paul corrects this misapprehension and encourages them to go on with the Lord. 1 and 2 Timothy are addressed to men who have the responsibility for the administration of local assemblies. These letters reveal God’s will regarding doctrine, church administration and discipline.

Epistles – Section 2

Lectures 1, 2 ‑“Galatians and Ephesians”
Arthur B. Whiting, Th.D.

Lectures 3, 4 ‑“Philippians and Colossians”
E. Schuyler English, Litt.D.

Lectures 5, 6 –“I and 11 Thessalonians”
John F. Walvoord, Th.D.

Lectures 7, 8 ‑“1 and 11 Timothy”
Harold Helms, Th.D.