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Galatians and Philippians


The Magna Carta of Christian Liberty.  It has a greater effect on us today than any constitution of freedom given to any group of people.  Paul’s Source of Doctrine.  Paul establishes that he had been taught by God and God alone.  Paul’s Rebuke of Peter.  Paul confronts Peter’s segregation from those who had not been circumcised.  Justification by Faith.  Paul addresses those who believed that good works could be part of salvation.  The Covenant of God.  All men shall be blessed through the seed of Abraham, namely Jesus Christ.  This covenant cannot be broken.  Maturity Demands Faith. Can we go to God in intimacy?  We are no longer servants, we are sons.  Christian Liberty.  Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

The Law of Love.  Paul gives practical counsel on Christian living.


Lecture 1 ‑“The Magna Carta of Christian Liberty”
Lecture 2 ‑“Paul’s Teaching Source”
Lecture 3 ‑“Paul’s Source of Doctrine”
Lecture 4 ‑“Justification by Faith”
Lecture 5 ‑“The Covenant of God”
Lecture 6 ‑“Maturity Demands Faith”
Lecture 7 ‑“Christian Liberty”
Lecture 8 ‑“The Law of Love”

Donald Grey Barnhouse, Th.D.
Dr. Barnhouse for many years was pastor of the Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. He also was Editor of Eternity magazine, and Director and teacher on radio of The Bible Study Hour.



Paul’s Abiding Joy.  From beginning to end Paul speaks of joy, confidence, and affection for his fellow Christians.  The Mind of Christ.  From prison Paul teaches the church at Philippi about a source of joy that overflows irrespective of circumstances.

God’s High Calling.  The joy of humility.  Paul rejoiced because he knew God and His power regardless of the suffering.

Triumphant Christian Walk.  Joy in hardship!  Are we a joy and a crown to some tested and tried Christian?  Is there someone who is glad for us?


Lecture 9 ‑“Paul’s Abiding Joy”
Lecture 10 ‑“The Mind of Christ”
Lecture 11 ‑“God’s High Calling”
Lecture 12 ‑“Justification by Faith”

V. Raymond Edman, Ph.D.
Dr. Edman was the fourth president of Wheaton College and later became Chancellor.  His Christian service included service as a pastor, a missionary and a teacher.  He was a prolific writer.  His articles appeared in many Christian periodicals of the U.S., Canada, and South America.