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God Still Works Wonders Today by Lydia Tunacao

The Lord still works wonders until this time.
Long before IBI came to existence in Living Word, the Lord placed a prayer in my heart, “Lord please allow this Church to have a Bible School of her own where she can train and equip believers for the work of the ministry, for truly; “the laborers are few and the harvest in plentiful.”
It was a petition borne out of the Holy Spirit. I know, therefore I trusted that God would surely grant the petition. Times passed, I forgot about the prayer, and the time I made the prayer. But one beautiful Sunday morning, as Bro. Mel announced the forth-coming Bible School from London, my heart leaped with joy and recalled the prayer about having a Bible School. God is amazing and truly awesome! One more prayer I made was (this time it was self-motivated) “Lord, I should be in this school, I must!” And indeed, “everyone who trusts in the Lord shall never be disappointed.” “He withholds nothing good from those walk is upright.” (His uprightness). I was enthralled, in my own initiative I partially paid the registration fee and trusted for the remaining balance. But the Lord who never ceases to show Himself strong to those who wait for Him, once again wonderfully made wonders! He not only provided for my first and second courses, but gave and provided a sponsor of whose identity until now is unknown to me. Although I can’t personally thank them, the Lord most certainly knows them by name and will see to it that they’ll never lose their rewards. They that do it secretly shall be rewarded openly, as His promise was written in His words.

It’s not easy to be a correspondent student left by yourself. But the Holy Spirit who is with me and is in me, was my Great Teacher and Facilitator. I only have my Bible with me to refer to for some biblical queries. Should difficult questions arise from the lecture, to find answers, I had to go back again, read and re-read the lectures for the answers. Might be too time consuming, but you can’t find great and priceless pearls from shallow water. You’ll find them in “ear-cracking” depths of the ocean. And so it is when we want to know and learn more from the Holy Spirit.

Leviticus is a book in the Old Testament, that I find myself somewhat “boring” to read especially when my mind was closed and my spirit was lazy, but from this study my mind was opened and my spirit filled with praise for the tremendous truths and insights. I gained from this learning! To mention especially how the Lord Jesus Christ was wonderfully portrayed in Leviticus as the sacrificial Lamb.

I can’t fully relate to you the spiritual blessing obtained from the Great Doctrines of the Bible, but if you are one who desires to know more about God from His Words, and who desire to serve God in the ministry and is contemplating to enroll and yet hesitant for some reasons, why not try our Lord? Up until this time He is still in the business of performing wonderful things for those who believe. Jesus said to Martha: “Did I not tell you, Martha, that if you would believe you will see the glory of God?” If God did it for me, why not for you? I don’t have great faith, I just humbly trusted Him for everything I needed. And every time we trust Him, our needs will not only be met, above all and most importantly, people will see His glory!

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen!” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

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