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Graduation Speech – Pastor Jerome Lirazan

Way back in 2008 Under the good hands of God & impelled by the desire to equip myself more fully for the service of our Lord I was led to enroll in IBI.

True enough with IBI as God’s answer to my desire, I gained a lot with a better perspective & biblical insights, the materials were carefully compiled by anointed theologians to bring in the proper doctrines that every Pastors & workers need.

I do thank God for the Living Word in every class session and for the lessons i have learned here In IBI, and grasp this opportunity to express my gratitude to Bro Mel & Sis Marie Caparos for their faithful example in life, in words, in speech and in biblical teaching & everyone who has helped to make IBI training here possibility.

Friendships have been made here which have already been and will forever be a source of rich blessing, and today our hearts beat a bit more quickly as we realize that this particular section of what I called my “IBI Family” will never meet again every Wednesday until we meet at the feet of our blessed Lord.

Our Lord told us that the field is the world and so we are to be a testimony to the world. Paul admonished us in effect in 1 Timothy 3:10, & 1  Timothy 4:16 We must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience & We must watch our life and doctrine closely, persevere in them, because if we do , we will save both ourselves and our hearers.

For every Christian there is this challenge of mans need and of Gods command to make all haste in the propagation of the gospel. Let us be sure that we are engaged in what is really His work, and then despite the difficulties, the remembrance of His faithfulness  in the past will give us renewed hope and courage for the ministry & future.

Fellow pastors & workers, It thrill our hearts today to realize that we do not answer such a challenge in our own strength God Himself is with us for our Captain; the Lord of Hosts is present in person and in every field of conflict to encourage us and to fight for us.

With such a Captain, who never lost a battle or deserted a soldier in distress, or failed to get through the needed supplies, who would not accept the challenge to Go forward, armed with the scripture & IBI inputs bearing precious seed.

Quote: “Peter David” No matter how extensive ones scriptural knowledge, how amazing one’s memory, it is self-deception if that is all there is. True knowledge is the prelude to action and it is obedience to the Word that counts in the end.

God Bless Us All!

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