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Graduation Speech – Sis. Flor Salve

I enrolled in IBI because it came to my mind that if there’s anything I should be busy about, it should be the things of God. I wanted to know God and His Word in a deeper way. So I took up both OT and NT at the same time; that’s why, even if I came in 2 years late, tonight I am graduating together with Batch 1. Praise the Lord!

Sis. Flor SalveI was doing a real hard work-studying both courses at the same time, and together with it I had two part time jobs and a full time job as mother and father to my two kids. So I say it was only by the grace of God that I was able to finish IBI and to finish it fast and well. I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit, for without Him I could not understand fully His Word and the lessons. I would like also to thank my two great teachers, Sis. Marie and Bro. Mel.

In IBI, I have come to enlarge my view and understanding of God revealing Himself of who He is, of God revealing His entire plan and purpose for man and for the whole earth. In studying the entire Old Testament I have come to understand more how man can get close to God in the person of Jesus Christ through foreshadowing, symbols and types. I have also come to comprehend more the prophecies, and how they can have multiple fulfillments. Through the study of the New Testament I have come to understand Jesus more having been spoken of by Moses and the Prophets. As we surveyed Genesis until Revelation and tie up all the pieces together, we see there the story that runs throughout: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, the love story between God and man- between Jesus, the Bridegroom and the Church, the bride. Jesus and the Cross is the center and focus of the whole course.

The more I have known Him the more I love Him and the more I appreciate who He is, what He has done for me, what He is doing for me right now and what He will still do for me in the future until He will come again.

I know IBI is not the end of my study of God. I cannot say that now I have it all. God is infinite that is why I cannot fully comprehend Him in my lifetime. As of now, I just know Him partly but the time will come when I will know Him fully , that is, when I shall see Him face to face.

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