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Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Doctrines of Christianity

These courses provide a good understanding of the basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith.  The distinctives of Christianity are studied.  Spiritual truths that form the foundation of the Christian world are brought forth with resounding clarity.  The student will be able to define why he believes as he does.  It is by the explanation of these truths the believer is able to effectively explain and interpret the teachings of Scripture to those met in every day life.

The Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Course GD301‑1
Lect. 1 ‑“Why Believe the Bible”
Lect. 2 ‑“God the Father”
Lect. 3 ‑“God the Son”
Lect. 4 ‑“God the Holy Spirit”
Lect. 5 ‑“The Forgiveness of Sins”
Lect. 6 ‑“The Virgin Birth”
Lect. 7 ‑“The Resurrection”
Lect. 8 ‑“The Ascension”
Lect. 9 ‑“The Atonement”
Lect. 10 –“Redemptio

Course GD301‑2
Lect. 1 ‑“Repentance”
Lect. 2 ‑“Faith”
Lect. 3 ‑“Regeneration”
Lect. 4 ‑“Justification by Faith”
Lect. 5 ‑“Assurance”
Lect. 6 ‑“Sanctification”
Lect. 7 ‑“The Life of Victory”
Lect. 8 ‑“The Believer and the World”
Lect. 9 ‑“Man’s Destiny”
Lect. 10 ‑“The Second Coming of Christ”

Harold Lindsell, Ph.D.
Dr. Lindsell is Editor Emeritus of Christianity Today.  Formerly, he served as Vice‑President and Professor of Missions at Fuller Theological Seminary.  Dr. Lindsell studied at Wheaton College, at Harvard University and at New York University where he received his doctorate.  He has authored several books including: What Christians Believe, The Battle For The Bible, The Harper Study Bible and The Living Study Bible.

Charles J. Woodbridge, Ph.D.
Dr. Woodbridge is a graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Seminary.  He served as pastor of the First Church, Flushing, New York and as a missionary in French Cameroun, Africa. He is the author of Standing On The Promises, Essays On The Book Of Acts, The Epistles To The Romans, and was co-author of What Christians Believe.