Start your own church based Bible school


By: Bro. Bruce Frank

In my walk with God here at Living Word, I learned from Pastor Mel that just going to church was not enough even if I never heard any sermon that was not scriptural based. At that time I said, what more could I need?  So when I learned that IBI was offering Old Testament Studies (OT-101), I signed up. I thought it was going to be basically what I had learned throughout my life growing up – going to church and Sunday school. I went into thinking I knew all there was to know. BOY WAS I WRONG! For me I had learned a lot of Bible Stories but it was like I was missing the big picture of how it was all woven together leading towards our salvation. The courses, OT-101 “The Pentateuch” & OT-102 “Early Israelite History” was very much like a bright halogen light shining upon the Gospels of the New Testament and our salvation!  What I most importantly learned in OT-101 & OT-102 was so much that I thought I knew but it was far more than I DID NOT know in detail, nor the why the Lord picked the people he did to tell the great stories of life in the Bible.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, “If you want to see the future you must understand our past.” From what I see in the Old Testament Studies, particularly in OT-102 “The Early Israelite History”, the Israelites had a repetitive pattern of Sinning, followed by Suffering, then Supplication, and then Salvation by raising up a judge among them which had their own flaws. Much as we do today. How blessed we are today to be able to see how the Lord deals with the sins of the past. So if we are wise and can learn from the mistakes of the people of the past hopefully we can walk in a Christ-like manner and please Him. How blessed we are today in that we can all carry the Word of God right in our cell phone and be reminded of all of the sins of past generations. They had remarkable miracles in their time like the amazing victories in battle overcoming amazing obstacles with really nothing but the Spirit of God on their side. It is so hard to imagine what it would have been like to be with Gideon at the battle against the Midianites armed with nothing but a trumpet, clay pot, and with a torch lamp or to have been with Joshua as he went across the river Jordan and it parted much as the Red sea had for Moses. You would think that the sight of these miracles would have cemented their faith for all time and eternity, but sadly it did not. Within the IBI courses these true life events jump off the pages and into our hearts.

In the Book of Ruth I found it to be actually an exciting love story filled with real life human desires. It brought home the fact while Jesus was a Jewish carpenter and of course God’s only Son but with Ruth, the Moabite in His bloodline, so Christ was from all and for all of us both Jews and Gentiles. And in her conversion where she said “for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” Those words brought tears of joy to my eyes.

In closing I want to emphasize that the IBI classes have opened my eyes to do more than just sit in church every Sunday and hear the word of God. It is far better for to you really want to know Jesus like you would in singing a song. A time should come for you to really make a commitment and do it.  IBI is very well structured course that will help anyone gain a real understanding of the Word of God.  For me it has doubled my pleasure in my spiritual walk with the Lord. The class setting is ideal for learning and the subject matter is focused like a laser light on the subject matter.

If you would like to know more on how you and your church can benefit by starting a Bible Education Program in your church through I.B.I. (International Bible Institute of London). Please call us at Telephone No.: (+63 32) 262 7455 or send us an email: [email protected]