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How Important is the Bible to You?

By: Sis. Marie Caparros

“New year, new start, new plans.”  We all come up with different “catchy” mottos or taglines to give us the right motivation in facing the new year.  But how do we really prepare ourselves for 2014?  Do we find ourselves in a bookstore searching for inspirational books that will prepare us in planning a good start?  Where can we acquire the proper guidance and wisdom needed in finding out if our plans for 2014 are in line with the plans and will of God? The only book that can answer all these questions is the Bible.  It is our guidebook for everyday living for it is packed with God’s wisdom. The wisest approach to life’s challenges is to seek God for His plan and direction and it is through the Bible that we can be guided by God.  The psalmist recognized the importance of the Word  – Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”   Difficult decisions become easier when God is the One guiding you and we can’t live our lives the way it ought to be lived unless we have the knowledge of God’s Word.

There are many spiritual gems and precious truths that we can uncover from the Bible.  It tells us the ‘big story’ about God’s relationship to man which are unfolded in 4 divisions – The Creation, the Fall, the Redemption and the Consummation. These 4 themes give us the divine truths about the attributes of God, about the life of Jesus Christ, about the Holy Spirit, about salvation, about the gospel and more. The Bible contains God’s standards, His principles and His guidelines for knowing right from wrong.   It is through the Bible that we learn who God is, what He values, how to trust Him.

Bob Kauflin, in the Worship Conference that he conducted in our church last year, beautifully said that “the Bible is the ONLY reliable source of knowing God.”  We have the incredible privilege to know God personally through His Word! Therefore, every genuine believer needs to own a Bible.  If we want to start the year right or we want to become serious about being a true follower of Jesus Christ, we need to get back to the Bible.  Every genuine believer needs to daily READ and MEDITATE on His law.  Psalm 1:2 clearly gives us the blessed duty of man with regards to the Bible – “but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.”   We are not only to daily read and meditate on his law, but we are to STUDY and more importantly APPLY the bible.   This was how Ezra lived his life as a priest.  Ezra 7:10 “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.”

Ask yourself this question, “How important is the bible to me?”  An inquiry was done by a well-known London newspaper.  He sent a letter of inquiry to one hundred important peers, members of parliament, university professors, authors, merchants—a varied list. The inquiry was: “Suppose you were sent to prison for three years and you could only take three books with you. Which three would you choose? Please state them in order of their importance.”  Out of the replies, ninety-eight put one book first on their list—the Bible. Few of those men were keen about religion, many were not even church-goers; others were agnostics or atheists. Yet they knew that no other book could give them cheer and comfort to help in dark, difficult days.

Let me end by sharing with you this inspirational thought from Dr. Charles Stanley, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia – “The Word of the living God is the most important piece of writing in existence; its wisdom and content are unmatched—and remain as appropriate and applicable today as they were centuries ago. The Bible is God’s remarkable gift to mankind, given to guide, govern, and guard us throughout life. Men and women who believe and live by this book understand what peace and joy are all about.”

I pray to God that as we face this new year, we will make it a top priority to explore the Bible and discover for ourselves the depth, the riches of God’s truth.  If you still don’t have a Bible of your own, I strongly suggest that you go to the nearest Christian bookstore and purchase a Bible straight away.  It’s definitely worth it, for it’s a Book like no other.  Have a great journey exploring the Bible this 2014.

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