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Kingdom Period

The Kingdom Period: I and II Samuel comes out of the golden age of Hebrew literature. There are four key players in this great drama ‑ Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David.  You will see how the Lord is constant and faithful in this period of transition as Israel becomes a monarchy.  I and II Kings is the continuing account of the origin, the rise, and development of Israel’s monarchy.  Gleason Archer Jr. says, “Whereas Kings is dominated by a prophetic interest, I and II Chronicles is characterized by a more definitive priestly point of view.”  The purpose was that the true greatness of Israel consists in her relationship to Jehovah as a worshipping faithful and obedient congregation.

The Kingdom Period

Lectures 1 to 4 ‑“I & II Samuel and I & II Kings”
Harold B. Kuhn, Ph.D.

Lecture 5 ‑“I & II Chronicles”
Gleason L. Archer Jr., Ph.D.