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We were introduced to the IBI Program in our church in Singapore by Ptr. Mel Caparros and his wife, Sis. Marie in 2009. This is an answered prayer. We have always desired to have a degree in Biblical studies especially to those who are in the teaching and preaching ministry, to enhance our Christian service while working fulltime with secular jobs. Through the IBI we are able to know the joy of knowing Christ and to be trained in righteousness through the Word of God.  To the praise of His glory in the midst of our busy schedules.

Currently, me and my wife are on the course OT (Old Testament) 104 “The Post Exilic Period.” I have been teaching the Bible for many years and the IBI program has helped me in learning from the riches of God’s Word. It clarifies biblical facts, helping us to see through details we normally gloss over reading through the text. We also gain insights that straighten out our understanding of Scriptures and its proper application in our lives. IBI has truly transformed my studies of the Scripture and my life as well. We see in the Bible how God dealt with an ancient people whom He set apart for Himself and I can identify with their experience with God, all the promises, warnings and encouragements. The studies bridged the gaps of thousands of years of revelation into my everyday living, helping me learn from the past to live right in Christ for the future. My greatest joy is that my wife is studying together with me. On this IBI course all learners are on level ground. She takes some turn to correct my answers also when we review together and true enough; the Lord speaks to our wives as well. This is our joy as we grow together examining the same Scriptures for our pure benefit not only for us, but for children and other believers in our church.

Since IBI program started middle of last year, there was a surge of enthusiasm for God’s Word among the people filling conversations with thoughts and matters discussed during IBI. These can be heard on Sundays, in Bible Studies, some in Facebook as well as text messages at any time. There was never a time when the Word of God is being discussed from chit chats, in church halls, to kitchens and bedrooms of our homes. This is phenomenal in terms of revival as Scripture takes prominence in everyday living among our church members. This becomes even more evident when some of our brothers and sisters quote passages or do exhortations the following Sunday or Bible Study from excerpts of their notes from the previous lesson in IBI class. Sometimes people know at which subject one is on the class when they start to exhort, teach, pray or encourage one another.

At first, some were apprehensive to enroll when they saw Bible teachers attending the class. Like in my case they knew me as their Bible teacher so they think that they should not sit together with us to maintain primacy among us. I dispelled such notion and encouraged them by example that as a teacher, I am first and foremost a learner. And I am more than glad to be together with them and learn with them as Mary would have done at the feet of our Lord Jesus. In fact, some of them scored better than I do, even my wife, too. I truly rejoice that we, the disciples grow together in Biblical excellence for this is the will of God for all of us.

After meeting Ptr. Ding Bolus in Singapore in October 2010, we were more assured that we are in the right biblical course for our church’s growth. By God’s grace it will bear much fruit in the lives of our church members. Together with the others whose testimonies about the IBI are as inspiring, we give thanks to the Lord for His direction and love for us through the witness of godly men, the Bible expositors and teachers who formed the core of the IBI program, to the LWCCCII, through Ptr. Mel Caparros and for our church leadership for making it our core Biblical program. To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our God Almighty who worked His grace and revelation through the inspiration of His Scriptures, be our praise and thanks for the joy of the glory of Christ who is at work in us through the IBI Program. Praise the Lord.

Bro. Lito Nosa
IBI Student
Living Word Fellowship
IBI Charter-Singapore

I have already learned many things in NT-201. For me, this course is very important for us Christians in our walk with God. For one, NT-201 teaches about the background of the period, place, and writer. It has helped me understand what the actual intent of the Gospels is. This makes it easy to appreciate and gain new lessons from these books. Secondly, this course has served further to equip me in sharing the good news especially to my unsaved loved ones, who usually read only on the four Gospels. Lastly, through IBI, God has given me this passion to learn and love His word and to read it daily during my devotional. To God be the glory.

Bro. Jeremy Leones

I have been reading the New Testament for so many years, particularly the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And I was simply reading, and took everything as it was written, without questioning why the Gospels weren’t the same all throughout.  I did not stop to think why Matthew started with the genealogy, while the others skipped it.  Studying the Gospels in NT 201 gave me a new perspective.  It became more meaningful; it made me understand the Gospels more. It’s like I am now reading the Bible, particularly, the Gospels, for the very first time.  I feel so blessed knowing more about our Lord Jesus Christ, our King, and our Saviour, who became a servant – to serve and give His life as a ransom for all. Studying the Gospels in IBI has brought life into my reading the Bible, and I am looking forward to the rest of the courses.  All honor and glory belong to God alone!

Sis. Caroline Ballesteros 

NT-202 (Acts, Romans and Corinthians) has helped me see what it means to be living in the ‘Church Age’. We not only have received salvation by grace though faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but at the same time it is an imperative for us to carry out the Great Commission. The hardships which Paul went through with great perseverance (and even with rejoicing) in bringing the gospel to the Gentiles makes me feel shame at how much many of us are living in comfort and complacency, with no sense of urgency to spread the gospel, when we in fact are in the same ‘Church Age’ as he was. This brings me to tears and to a commitment to ACTually be an ambassador for Christ wherever I may find myself at.

Atty. Christine Ligtas

I.B.I’s obvious help is that the lessons pushed me to read my Bible regularly.  The other benefits are forging alliances with wonderful people who adore Jesus; and having a much deeper appreciation of the Word of God. The invitation of Christine, another I.B.I. student, to enroll came in the most perfect time when my heart yearns for higher level of relationship with Him. I hope to complete all the I.B.I. courses.  And I expect that completing these courses will give me the confidence to join a ministry.  I have been longing to teach children God’s Word.

Atty. Rose Arnado
CitiChurch, Cebu

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