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What I Have Learned from IBI (Part 2)

The most important thing that I’ve learned in IBI is that God is not just a holy God, but a holy, holy, holy God. Consequently, He requires a perfect sacrifice for all sins. As I read Leviticus, which I used to skip before, it made me appreciate the cross all the more. On the basis of the cross, I can have the confidence to approach the Holy of Holies. Thus, “I will make my boast in the Lord Jesus Christ crucified to ransom me.” It’s all by grace even as I go on with my Christian life.”



OT 101 – Batch 3 student


My study with IBI has been a blessing to me.  I have been pushing myself to really read the Word of God to gain a deeper understanding of His purpose.  I have learned a lot of new things in OT101.  I discovered that there were a lot more to know than just the Bible stories that I used to read relating to the early days of the Old Testament.    I really believe that it is very important to continuously read and study the Bible so as not to mix it up with the different theories and schools of thought that the world is teaching.  IBI is really a good avenue for individuals like me who wants a fresh start in really studying the Bible in its entirety.’


Employee, HSBC

OT 101 – Batch 3 student


Before I enrolled in IBI, I was just contented with my daily reading of the Bible, my daily devotion and God’s messages for my day to day living through His Word.  However, when I read one of the study guides of my husband, I know that I have to enroll because I find it very interesting, very simple and very detailed.  The study of each book in the Old Testament has opened my eyes to a lot of explanations to questions which I never bothered to ask or research because my thinking was – it is only for pastors or bible teachers.  But, I was wrong, IBI study guide is very easy to understand in its explanation of the events and characters of the Bible and the questionnaire is very direct to the theme of each book.  I realized, then, that the increase in knowledge of the Bible and our great God and how God has mapped out our salvation from the Old Testament to the New Testament has humbled me greatly and made me bow down and adore my God all the more.”


Pastor’s Wife

OT 102-Batch 2 student


I am so blessed to have been enrolled at IBI and because of God’s grace, I am continually growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Studying the Old Testament gives me a full grasp of understanding the New Testament. I learned that even people in the Old Testament were saved by God’s grace alone. The O.T. accounts of the Israelites’ victories and failures served as examples, warnings and guidance on how to apply it personally, to deepen my faith and spiritual walk with God and to continue to fight against the battle of sin. To God alone be the glory.”



OT 102 – Batch 2 student

 1.       IBI has taught me how to manage my time well- between managing the secular business and the reading of His Word, in addition to the timely submission of reports and answers to the test questions.

2.       Through IBI, I have gained the perspective and deeper understanding about man, its creation, its fall, its first of anything, the great flood and also about the history of Israel, its journey, its blessings, its curses, its stubbornness, its miracles, its great and foolish patriarchs, the restoration, etc.

3.       One simple lesson I learned throughout the history of Israel and to all those whom He has chosen is that God desires obedience.  Blessings come as a result of obedience and curses come as a result of disobedience and the sin that He hates the most is idolatry.

4.       Another important value God has taught me through IBI, are the motives or purposes of my study of His Word, If the said endeavour is for personal gain and knowledge, its means and end are futile, but if it is for the love of Him and developing an intimate relationship with Him, one’s joy is complete and the desires for this world will diminish.

5.       Some attributes of God that uplifts me during my studies is His great love for Israel and His chosen people. He chastises them to bring them back, then He forgives, then He rewards and prospers. He is indeed, true to His covenants and promises.



OT103 – 1st Batch Student


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