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Major Prophets

Major Prophets. Isaiah prophesied in Judah during the reigns of four kings and during great crises. Here you will find the practical aspects of biblical truth. Jeremiah’s duty was to proclaim the judgment of the Lord and to advise the king and the people to submit to the enemy. Ezekiel was one of the three prophets during this period of captivity. Here is a book that combines sobering history and stirring prophecy. Daniel deals with three significant interpretations of dreams and visions about the future. This book shows a God of precision and power, a God active and involved in history.

Major Prophets

Lectures 1, 2 ‑
“Isaiah” Arnold C. Schultz, Th.D.

Lectures 3, 4 ‑“Jeremiah”
William S. LaSor, Ph.D.

Lectures 5, 6 ‑“Ezekiel”
Arthur B. Whiting, Th.D.

Lectures 7, 8 ‑“Daniel”
Carl Armerding, D.D.