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Old Testament Literature

Old Testament Literature. The book of Job is God’s answer to “Why should the righteous suffer?” The Psalms are the finest expression of human devotion and delight in the    Almighty God. To read the Proverbs is to be ready for life. To believe them is to be safe from the snares in life’s pathway. Ecclesiastes recognizes God Himself as the highest value in His creation, and that the truly meaningful life is the life lived in His service. Song of Solomon represents an actual occurrence in Solomon’s life in which he experienced a pure and holy love. Lamentations is a sequel to the prophecy of Jeremiah. This hymn of intense sorrow shows men inspired by God’s spirit as they seek to reach up to Him.

Old Testament Literature

Lectures 1, 2 ‑“Job”
Daniel P. Fuller, Th.D.

Lectures 3, 4 ‑“Psalms and Proverbs”
V. Raymond Edman, Ph.D.

Lectures 5, 6 ‑“Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon”
Gleason L. Archer Jr., Ph.D.

Lecture 7 ‑“Lamentations”
William S. LaSor, Ph.D.