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Oct 23, 2013

All of God’s truth that is later revealed exists in germ form in the Book of Genesis. Exodus demonstrates that Jehovah God is a God who knows the condition of His people, who comes down to deliver, who redeems by power and blood, who supplies every need, who gives victory, who reveals His holy character, and who dwells among His people. In Leviticus, God revealed laws to prepare and secure the physical, moral, and spiritual well being of the people. Numbers can be summed up in three words: wilderness, warfare, and wandering. The Pentateuch concludes with Deuteronomy and Moses reminding the people of the law and their call to holiness.

The Pentateuch

Lectures 1, 2 ‑“Genesis”
Michael S. Letinsky, Ph.D., Earle E. Williams, Ph.D.

Lectures 3, 4 ‑“Exodus”
T. Leonard Lewis, Th.D.

Lectures 5, 6 ‑“Leviticus”
Arnold C. Schultz, Th.D.

Lectures 7, 8 ‑“Numbers and Deuteronomy”
L.E. Maxwell