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Post Exilic Period

The Post Exilic Period. Ezra is the historical record of the first return of captives to the land of Palestine.  There, under the prophetic leadership of Haggai and Zechariah, they would rebuild the temple.  Nehemiah is a stirring record of how one man impelled by God accomplished what everyone had said was impossible ‑ he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.  God placed Esther, an Israelite, as the new queen to accomplish His gracious purposes.  She would be used by God to thwart the plan of the evil Haman, who had tricked the king into passing a law that would kill Esther’s people.” 

The Post Exilic Period

Lectures 1, 2 ‑“Ezra and Nehemiah”
John F. Walvoord, Th.D.

Lecture 3 ‑“Esther”
Carl Armerding, D.D.