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Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Christian leaders wishing to develop their skills in communicating the gospel message will derive practical helps from “Sermon Preparation and Delivery.”  Here, Dr. Van Cleave offers the refined work of his homiletics course ‑ well honed by many years of his own preaching.  Thousands of his former students now proclaim the Gospel in many languages and countries worldwide.

Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Lecture   1 ‑“How to Select a Proper Subject”
Lecture   2 ‑“How to Choose & Interpret a Text”
Lecture   3 ‑“How to Organize a Sermon”
Lecture   4 ‑“How Sermons are Classified”
Lecture   5 ‑“How to Construct a Topical Sermon”
Lecture   6 ‑“How to Construct a Textual Sermon”
Lecture   7 ‑“How to Construct an Expository Sermon”
Lecture   8 ‑“How to Gather and Use Materials”
Lecture   9 ‑“How to Prepare an Introduction & Conclusion”
Lecture 10 ‑“How to Improve the Preaching Style”
Lecture 11 ‑“How to Improve Sermon Delivery”
Lecture 12 ‑“How to Prepare a Sermon Series”
Lecture 13 ‑“Persuasion In Preaching”

Nathaniel M. Van Cleave, Th.D.
Dr. Van Cleave is a graduate of LIFE Bible College.  He did post graduate work at the University of California at Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Baptist Seminary.  Dr. Van Cleave earned a Doctorate of Theology degree.  He wrote “The Vine and the Branches.”  He co-authored, with Jack Hayford, “Gods Way to Wholeness,” andco-authored “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” with Guy P. Duffield.

Dr. Van Cleave has served in a variety of ministries.  Upon ordination he pastored in Illinois, Oregon and California.  In addition, he and his wife Lois were missionaries in the West Indies.  While there Van Cleave mastered the Spanish language and has since taught Spanish speaking seminary students at Facultad de Teologia, Montebello, California.  When he returned from the mission field he joined the faculty of LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles and later was elected president.

During his 18 year tenure as a college professor Dr. Van Cleave developed courses to help ministerial students prepare and deliver better sermons.  His teaching materials have been circulated worldwide and translated into several languages.